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We love our startup ecosystem.

Our enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to what we create.

Our core belief centers around professionalism and delivering tangible value.

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התקופה בישראל קשה ומאתגרת, ואנו מנסים לעזור בדרך שלנו...

בימים הראשונים של המלחמה בנינו אתר המאגד מאות יוזמות והתארגנויות לטובת הציבור.

מחפש מקום להתנדב? מחפשת לתרום משהו? רוצים לדעת היכן ניתן לעזור ולהיעזר?

כנסו לפלטפורמה שבנינו ותעזרו לעשות טוב.

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Join our tranquil WhatsApp Group dedicated to Events and Opportunities. Receive timely updates on tech and innovation ecosystem events. No spam, just valuable information, delivered directly to your phone by a community of 2,000 like-minded individuals

The Israeli tech ecosystem is composed of many players, each plays a role in making Israel a strong player in the global entrepreneurship arena. The aim of The Ecosystem project is to showcase some of the inspiring personas who make this ecosystem strive, expose their stories and insights, and add meaningful value to a range of readers.

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From A to Z, we've compiled a curated collection of tech-related terms and their concise explanations to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of technology. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or just beginning your tech journey, our glossary is your go-to resource for unraveling the complexities of the digital realm.

We are passionate about crafting distinctive and valuable events and meetups, featuring brilliant minds and innovative concepts. Explore our exciting lineup, including the popular Ask Me Anything and the upcoming '20 Minutes' meetup series launching soon. Join our community!



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Our newsletter boasts an impressive open rate ranging from 60% to 75%, connecting with nearly 7,000 subscribers hailing from the tech industry: investors, startups, innovation experts, acceleration program managers, community managers, and other professionals and expats. Oh, and we don't spam! 

We've created Spark Hackathon III along with a great team of friends and professionals. Spaek is an entrepreneurial event for improving the lives of Holocaust survivors, education and commemoration

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We specialize in the provision of startup-focused education through seminars, workshops, and courses. Whether you need a single session or an annual program, whether you're a student in Israel, a group experts visiting from abroad, please inform us of your requirements. We're here to assist you!

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Doron Simhi
Growth strategist for startups | Business Models & fundraising strategies | Innovation | Creator @TheEcosystem | Entrepreneurship programs | Advisory board member in startup

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Serial bootstrapper. Creator @The Ecosystem, Startup Guide Tel Aviv (+2 more books). 'Entrepreneur On-Demand'. Mastering lean project execution. Lecturer on all things ninja entrepreneurship. Hackathons crafter.

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