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Dr. Amnon Dekel, Executive Director

Ayelet Cohen, Deputy Director

Yotam Zach, Entrepreneurship Programs and HUJI Innovate Fund Manager

Sharon Levite-Vaknin, Academic Programs Manager

Itay Asher, Marketing Manager

Orit Sagi, Community Manager

Keshet Naiman, Projects Manager

Neva Treistman, Administrative Manager

ASPER-HUJI Innovate is The Hebrew University’s center for innovation and entrepreneurship. It has been recently recognized as one of the world's outstanding emerging entrepreneurship centers in academia by the GCEC (Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers in Higher Education). The center leverages the University’s innovation potential to solve substantial problems through entrepreneurship. It promotes the University as a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset and skills among students, researchers and staff and serves as a catalyst for the development of startups and social enterprises.

The Center operates in three parallel tracks. In INSPIRE, the focus is on promoting entrepreneurial culture and communities with practical experiences such as hackathons and competitions. In LEARN, the emphasis is on training students for skills and entrepreneurial thinking through courses and academic programs; and in BUILD, the center supports founders in their process of developing startups and social enterprises through a variety of acceleration programs. These activities create a nexus point between academia and the world of innovation and entrepreneurship while strengthening our internal ecosystem and building bridges to the city, the country, and the world.

“ASPER-HUJI's role in the local startup scene has three vectors,” says Dr. Amnon Dekel, Executive Director of ASPER-HUJI Innovate. "The product, the people, and the process.” Product: the deep scientific and technological knowledge that lies within the Hebrew University. People: the top talent fostered here, as we strive to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset. Process: Strengthening the University as a partner in the Israeli startup ecosystem by enhancing the ability to grow ventures that solve substantial problems using HUJI created IP.

The hub has strong partnerships with significant players in the ecosystem, including leading multinational corporations, venture capital firms, legal firms, entrepreneurship forums, municipalities and more - both in and out of Israel.

Photos courtesy of ASPER-HUJI



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