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2011 | IoT, AI, Manufacturing

Saar Yoskovitz, Founder and CEO

Gal Shaul, Founder and CTO

Machines talk, we listen

Gal Shaul and Saar Yoskovitz met during their first semester at the Technion and became good friends. They knew they wanted to start a company together and spent five years playing with different business ideas. One day Gal made a service call for his employer, a Medtech device company, to fix a suspected software problem. But he could immediately tell from the sound of the device that the problem was a clogged filter - an issue better solved with a water hose. Shaul started to think about how much time and money could be saved if machines could “talk”. At the same time, co-founder Saar Yoskovitz was exploring the possibilities of using machine learning to analyze sound. Together, they started to listen to machines and spent the next three years bootstrapping Augury, building its core technology, and getting their first Fortune 100 customer.

Augury is a pioneer in AI-driven machine health solutions for manufacturing and other industrial sectors. Their machine health solutions use IoT and AI technologies to predict and prevent industrial machine failures and to improve machine performance. "When a critical machine fails," explains Saar, "an entire production line grinds to a halt. Augury helps manufacturers and industrial companies to reduce downtime, maximize production capacity, optimize the cost of asset care, and accelerate their digital transformation."

Augury operates in a variety of manufacturing sectors such as food and beverage, CPG (consumer packaged goods), pulp and paper, forest products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. With a full-stack approach and subscription business model Augury is built to deliver fast results and generate value across industrial enterprises from the plant floor to the corporate office.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has grown to employ over 250 people and is now entering the energy sector. “Our exponential growth is very exciting,” says Saar. "Every six months everything changes. We’re fortunate to work on a huge problem that impacts almost everyone. And we get to do it with an amazing group of people who have joined us on our journey.”

Photos courtesy of Augury


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