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2019 | The fishermen bay, Jisr A Zarqa

Moran Stiassny, Foudner

We bring cultures together and enable a one-of-a-kind remote work experience

Looking down the unpaved road of the Arab fishing town Jisr al-Zarqa you’ll find an old beachfront warehouse used as a well-equipped workspace surrounded by reeds fluttering in the wind and aromas of Arabian coffee.

Meet Beachub - the very first and only "Business Hut" in Israel. It is located only 50 minutes from Tel Aviv, but to get there you’ll have to navigate bumpy and winding roads - a chance to feel the neglected local economy and community. It’s like a digital oasis, provides a relaxing and wild beachfront nature, powerful Wifi and comfortable working stations - a winning formula for the productive, creative, and efficient entrepreneur and remote worker.

Behind this stands a Jewish-Arab partnership that is evident everywhere. After visiting more than ten countries a year, founder Moran Stiassny brought her vision to life, and by partnering with a local fisherman Nimer Jorban she created an outstanding outdoor remote working experience that is accessible for everyone. Tel Aviv may have beaches, but a visit to Jisr al-Zarqa is like a visit to the beauty of Sinai.

"We are grateful for the privilege of hosting the most wide-hearted, kind, strong-spirited, high-quality community composed of employees, experts, and creators from many places in Israel: from Tel Aviv to Arad, from Magdal Shams to Ashkelon. At the same time we are constantly working on strengthening the local relationships and grant access to tools to the village community, expanding the local services and improving our off-grid infrastructure," says Moran. "We don't wait until Covid19 will be a thing of the past and we don't wait for the Arabs and Jews to get along," she continues. "We act to fulfill the “new world dream” of many and we take action to create a positive impact with a minimal footprint."

Photos courtesy of Beachub



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