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2017 | Industry 4.0

Omer Blaier, Founder and CEO

Elad Schiller, Founder and CTO

CASTOR enables manufacturers to automatically reduce costs, utilizing the benefits of industrial 3D printing

The nature of interactions between co-founders is crucial for the success of a startup. When founders communicate well and support each other, the product and company will have better chances to make their mark. That is exactly the case of the founders of CASTOR, Omer Blaier and Elad Schiller, entrepreneurs and long-time friends since serving in the Israeli Air Force.

In 2017 they founded CASTOR with the goal of bridging the gap of knowledge that holds manufacturers back from utilizing 3D industrial printing. With rich backgrounds in mechanical and software engineering and after years of working in the industry, the co-founders saw that most manufacturers realize the potential of industrial 3DP for end-use parts, but find it difficult to fully utilize the advantages and capabilities of the technology.

"Working in this industry for many years," says Omer Blaier. "We became aware of the struggles that companies face when trying to adopt 3D printing and generate profit, and on the other hand, we knew that the technology is ready for industrial end-use. This gap between the maturity of the technology and companies' knowledge and ability to utilize it made us create CASTOR.”

The team at CASTOR constantly collects customer feedback. This helps them to learn more about the pain points and struggles that companies have with adopting 3D printing solutions, and this helped them to design a solution to meet their needs. "We believe in relationships," Omer continues. “We find it very important to be attentive to the needs of our customers, partners, colleagues, and employees. It helps to create a better product, a better company, and eventually to become advocates of innovation in a rather traditional industry, and we take pride in that role.”

Photos courtesy of CASTOR



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