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Prof. Moshe Zviran, Head of Coller institute of Venture

Dr. Eyal Benjamin, Head of Entrepreneurial Projects

Dr. Leslie Broudo-Mitts, Managing Editor of Coller Venture Review

Gidaan Bebar, Chairman, Coller Ignite

Asaf Hizkiahou, VP, Coller Ignite

Orli Arbel, Coordinator of Coller Venture

Located in Tel Aviv University's Coller School of Management, one of the best business schools in the world, the Coller Institute of Venture sponsors research, education, and outreach programs that are impactful on a global scale. The Institute focuses on three core pillars: Coller Startup Competition; Coller Venture Review; Coller Ignite Club.

Launched in 2017, the annual Coller Startup Competition encourages entrepreneurs at TAU to promote their startups and provide informal knowledge in practical aspects of building and developing ventures. With a technology track and a FoodTech track the competition winners earned about $700,000 in investments and millions in follow-up investments to date. "Yet it's not only about the winners," says Dr. Eyal Benjamin. "We're here to mentor, encourage, direct, lead, and be part of the development of the ventures of students and alumni in the early stages of their product development and investing processes.”

The Coller Venture Review is the flagship journal of the Coller Institute of Venture combining theory with practice in the areas of venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Leslie Broudo-Mitts, managing editor of the journal, says that "the Review draws on the insights and expertise of a range of scholars, leaders, and thinkers. Our articles articulate emerging trends, extract generalizable themes, and lend insights associated with the codification of new ways of thinking linked to action in the creation of new ventures." The published articles can be read on the Institute’s website.

The third pillar is Coller Ignite, a student-led entrepreneurial community for TAU students and alumni. "We organize dozens of events a year: meetups, workshops, acceleration programs, and hackathons," say Gidaan Bebar and Asaf Hizkiahou, both TAU students. “The selected content is super valuable to our community, helping students and alumni on their journeys.” The club is sponsored by KPMG, Goldfarb Seligman, and Carol and Alan Silberstein. It partners with leading figures in the Israeli ecosystem.

Photos courtesy of Coller Institue of Venture



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