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2015 | AgroTech

Isaac Bentwich, Founder

Tomer Tzach , CEO

Optimize & automate farm management using the world's most scalable platform to integrate data from above and below the ground

Founded in 2015, CropX was created to tackle a huge problem: the need to feed the world’s rising population and grow more with less while reducing the ecological footprint and complying with environmental regulations. Unlike many agrotech companies which tackle these challenges by relying solely on above-ground data, CropX combines above-ground datasets and digs deeper into in-soil data which are known to be much more accurate and valuable, yet challenging to obtain. This offers farmers a better automated and more accurate decision-making process for their irrigation and fertilization.

The CropX solution provides a fully DIY farm management platform, offering a scalable user-friendly cloud-based integrated hardware and software system which includes easy to install sensors with IoT connectivity and a patent-pending unique spiral design for unmatched accuracy that measure soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC) and sends the data to the cloud.

Serving over 2,500 paying customers with almost 10,000 installations since its launch, CropX has demonstrated over 50% water savings and 20% yield increase across different types of crops. "We position ourselves as the market consolidator, having completed three acquisitions," said the CEO Tomer Tzach. "We were the first to develop a solution that integrates data from both below and above ground, the first to provide a system that fully integrates agronomy, proprietary hardware and proprietary

software, and we own the entire development process without depending on any subcontractors or thirdparty service providers.”

Backed by a world-class syndicate of strategic partners and investors, CropX continues global expansion, acting as the big-data northern star for the global agfood value chain. Despite COVID, in 2020 CropX quadrupled its 2019 sales YoY, acquired Nebraska-based competitor CropMetrics, acquired New Zealand-based ReGen, acquired Netherlands-based Dacom, and opened new offices around the world.

Photos courtesy of CropX



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