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Sean Seaton, Senior Vice President, Group Partnering & Devices;

Technology and Innovation Group, Board Member for Israel

Alon Segal, Managing Director, Group Partnering & Devices, Israel

Deutsche Telekom (DT) serves over 270 million customers and leading businesses in 50+ countries worldwide. Among its products and services are mobile telecommunications, fixed lines, TV and internet services, a system integration arm, media assets, destination sites, classified and local advertising outlets, and more.

The company's active engagement in Israel spans to the early 2000s, and focuses on research (T-Labs Ben Gurion University), early engagement and investment (Hubraum), growth stage and mature company partnering (Group Partnering and Business Development), and growth-stage investment (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners).Its mission is to be an innovation change agent for the corporation, bringing the best and brightest solutions, companies, and innovators to the German ecosystem.

"We are open to any innovative solution in the field of Telecommunications, including Customer Journey, Retail, Sustainability, Cyber, TV, Gaming and much more," says the managing director Alon Segal. "It's exciting to meet aspiring Israeli founders with their fast pace and entrepreneurial attitude.”

According to Alon, there are a few insights that a typical founder should have when wishing to work with a multinational. The first one is patience, as processes in large corporations take time. "So don’t be alarmed if a couple of weeks go without any progress," he says, “It's also about setting expectations in advance, but one should be careful about promising things that you can’t deliver. More specifically, and in order to work with Deutsche Telekom, the startup should be mature enough and ready, have at least a working prototype, and preferably with some business experience or use case in the telecommunications industry.”

Photo courtesy of Deutsche Telekom


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