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2016 | Web Creation

Yoni Luxenberg, Founder and CEO

Ariel Klikstein, Founder and CTO

Elementor is the leading open-source website builder platform behind more than 10 million websites

'Solve your own pain' is how the great startups are founded, and that's exactly how Elementor was born. Back in 2016: co-founders Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein wanted to streamline the process of making beautiful WordPress websites for their clients.

Since its inception, Elementor has grown to become the leading WordPress website building solution that features code-free site creation which is powering over 10M sites in 152 markets, an amazing 7% of websites worldwide. Based in Ramat Gan, Elementor now employs more than 350 employees representing all sectors of Israeli society and in 2021 Elementor opened a second site in Sderot.

Elementor’s users are web creators, the people who run the digital world we all live in. These multi-layered professionals come from design, development, marketing, or all three. They ask, with a web mindset, what would work online? They are builders who create new web realities every day. This deepens their skills beyond the traditional professions, creating a new breed of professional - the web creator. Designed by web creators for web creators, “Elementor enables web creators to reach their full potential,” says Yoni Luksenberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Elementor. “Elementor is the ultimate professional website builder that allows web creators to focus all their efforts on creative and business processes, streamlining every step of creating beautiful websites to meet the needs of their end user and grow their own business.”

Elementor’s global community ecosystem and infrastructure for growth and learning are at the heart of its success. "We are community-led," continues Yoni. “Our community members have volunteered to translate Elementor to over 50 languages and many of our new features are inspired by community requests. In return we lead community events around the globe, and empower a $1.5b eco-system around the platform.”

Photos courtesy of Elementor



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