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2021 | End of Life

Ron Gura, Co-Founder and CEO

Yonatan Bergman, Co-Founder and CTO

Empathy provides support to families who recently lost a loved one, giving them tools and guidance for every logistical and emotional challenge

Empathy’s mission is to help families deal with loss, offering both emotional and logistical support to the bereaved. Powered by technology and driven by purpose, Empathy’s app guides and supports families throughout the days, weeks, and months after a loved one’s passing. Empathy, launched in 2021, was designed to help with both practical and emotional challenges, from planning a funeral to canceling

accounts, dealing with grief to communicating with family. Loss is a long road - and Empathy is there every step of the way.

“The end of life poses so many overwhelming challenges, and these tasks are compounded by grief. Put simply, logistics are made harder by grief and grief is made harder by logistics,” says Empathy’s cofounder and CEO Ron Gura. “Technology has the power to alleviate some of the pain and shoulder some of the burden that families face.” Yonatan Bergman, co-founder and CTO, adds: “When we first started Empathy, we spoke to many recently bereaved families, and one common theme emerged. What they needed most was empathy - someone who understood what they were going through. We created Empathy to walk families through the process, ensuring they’re not overwhelmed by an excess of information - essentially we were a GPS for bereavement.”

Empathy’s application was awarded Google Play’s 2021 “Best App for Good” and CB Insights’ Top Digital Health Companies Of 2021. The company is backed by top-tier VC firms and serves Fortune 100 enterprise partners alongside its direct-to-consumer offering. Empathy most recently partnered with New York Life, the largest mutual life insurance provider in the U.S., to expand its offering beyond financial peace of mind to include logistical and emotional support for families. The company plans to grow its U.S. presence, which will include releasing new products, fostering additional strategic partnerships, and growing its multidisciplinary team. More importantly, Empathy aims to continue its efforts to change the conversation around loss and break the social taboos that hinder progress in the end-of-life industry.

Photos courtesy of Empathy



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