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Taly Malach Banaim, Head of FUTURE & Managing Director

Riki Levisman, Content Development & Innovation Manager

Dr. Hillel Eyal, Academic Manager

Galit Koll-Aginski, Accelerator program Manager

FUTURE is the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center by HIT - Holon Institute of Technology. As part of a well-established unique and multidisciplinary academic institution, this hub serves as a home for thousands of HIT’s community members to all things entrepreneurship and innovation, providing and nurturing dreamers with a platform to learn, network, and execute their aspirations.

“We help students, alumni, and HIT staff to sharpen their skills and knowledge in the area of entrepreneurism,” says Taly Malach Banaim, the head of FUTURE. “Our goal is to provide the best opportunities and practices for the education of entrepreneurship.”

The hub is active in the following three main clusters: academic, acceleration programs, and community. Under its academic activity students study and apply various topics that intersect theory and practice, academia and industry. FUTURE's flagship acceleration program called HandZone is a comprehensive 6-month training program that enables first-time founders to turn their ideas into real products in a carefully structured process combining touching the different aspects of venture creation with team sessions, one-to-one mentoring, and internal and external experts. FUTURE also offers its community non-academic programs, knowledge gatherings, and workshops to give students an opportunity to widen their practical knowledge and serve as a bridge to the industry.

“We believe that tomorrow's leaders need to have a big and diverse toolbox,” continues Taly. “This is why we invest a lot in our community, offering a yearly program that includes hackathons with leading organizations, internship programs, handson workshops, networking events, and much more. This is both a mission and a privilege for us as an academic institute.”

Photos courtesy of HIT - Future



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