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2011 | Enterprise Software (B2B SaaS & Cyber)

Kobi Samboursky, Founder & Managing Partner

Arik Kleinstein, Founder & Managing Partner

Lior Litwak, Managing Partner

Nofar Amikam, General Partner

It takes more than financial support to grow a company, and there is a difference between scaling up and scaling right

Glilot Capital is a globally ranked top-performing, Cyber and B2B SaaS VC with outstanding returns. Established in 2011 by Kobi Samboursky and Arik Kleinstein, Glilot Capital has reached a milestone of 12 exits in just a decade, with three exits happening in just 2021. The two founders served as officers in the elite 8200 units of the Israeli military and established the firm with deep cyber expertise and a foundersfirst mentality, having been there themselves. They are joined by Nofar Amikam, General Partner, and Lior Litwak, Glilot+ Managing Partner.

Glilot Capital was the first to establish a cyber-focused fund and the first to establish a Value Creation arm providing ongoing, structured, and data-driven support to portfolio companies. Value Creation support extends all phases of the company journey from seed to growth including product-market fit and go-tomarket acceleration, initiating significant deals, providing intensive executive hiring support, and more, enabling efficient scale at higher valuations. Glilot Capital has initiated hundreds of deals for its portfolio companies utilizing its robust Advisory Board of forward-thinking C-level executives who turn to Glilot for access to innovation, intel into cyber and B2B SaaS trends and to directly advise or invest in portfolio companies.

"There are key elements we look for when meeting founders," says Kobi Samboursky. "The founder-tofounder relationship, the competitive landscape, long term vision and short-term plan to get there, and more."

Glilot Capital invests in innovative Seed and Early-Growth startups in cyber and B2B SaaS led by luminary entrepreneurs. "As an early-stage investor, most of our investments are typically considered risky," says Arik Kleinstein. "We try to mitigate that by being sector-focused and utilizing our deep domain expertise. We were the first to have a cyber-focused fund and today, cyber is one of the top areas of investment in general.”

Photos courtesy of Glilot Capital Partners



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