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2016 | Transformative technologies in various business verticals

Dov Moran, Managing Partner

Lior Handelsman, General Partner

Lotan Levkowitz, General Partner

Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner

We invest in and support exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs who build companies that define tomorrow’s tech transformations

Founded in 2016, Grove Ventures is devoted to early-stage investments and to building tomorrow's market leaders. With more than half a billion dollars under management, Grove invests in leading startups developing hard-to-replicate solutions at the intersection of technology, science, and applicable market needs. The firm places significant emphasis on transformative technologies as well as on its core principle of putting people first, close cooperation, and value-creation.

"We are looking for bold entrepreneurs who figure out what mainstream markets need before they do - and invent it," says Dov Moran, serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner. "Grove's team, built from experienced investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and company builders, provides early-stage startups with the needed support to become great companies that shape the future of the world through technology.”

Grove Ventures invests in early-stage founders (pre-seed, seed and a rounds) who build companies that define tomorrow’s tech transformations across a variety of business verticals. As for what founders should know before reaching Grove Ventures, "It is always recommended to know the fund, and know which general partner in the fund will be the most relevant to your startup," says general partner Lior Handelsman. "It is also good to know that we almost always lead the rounds we participate in, that we partner very early, and that we invest exclusively in Israeli startups as this is where we are located, this is where we have access to and expertise for founders, and this is the tech industry we want to promote globally.” As the firm is usually the first VC partner investor for young startups, it empowers their portfolio companies with its internal Value Creation, Marketing, and HR teams of experts "to help founders do what they should do best – move fast and change the world." summarizes Lior.

Photos courtesy of Grove Ventures



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