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2014 | B2B, Vertical Agnostic

Uri Hayik, CTO and Technical Unit Leader

Gil May-Tal, Head of Startups and Developer Ecosystem

Orly Sorokin, IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator Manager

Ronen Siman Tov, IBM Alpha Zone Accelerators CTO and Head of Strategy

Yaniv Alon, Head of Hadassah Accelerator, Affiliates’ Programs Lead

Jaffa Sztejnbok, SW Architect, Developer Advocate

We are happy to be in a position where we can make a real impact on both startups and corporates

One of the most prestigious acceleration programs in Israel is IBM Alpha Zone, with more than a hundred startup alumni and key partnerships, exits, and IPOs under its belt. The IBM Alpha Zone accelerator offers a 6-month professional and deep immersion program for the purpose of developing solutions for the enterprise market. During the program the accelerator team prepares a dedicated framework for each startup that includes technological and business development activities and milestones, thereby increasing the value and optimizing the time invested by each company.

"The goal is to create long-term technology and business partnerships between the selected startups and IBM and its partners worldwide," says Orly Sorokin, the accelerator manager. "We are constantly looking for innovative startups that have the potential to complement IBM’s value proposition and benefit from IBM and Red Hat technologies.”

Among IBM Alpha Zone's well known strengths is its network of partnerships in Israel and globally. Basically, it can be divided into 4 groups: business development support, technology support, satellite programs, and investment partners. In its business partnership, the program creates strategic cooperation per cohort, enabling a startup to focus within a specific market or vertically. In its technological partnership, the team cooperates with the Red Hat Israel CTO team to vest the startups with the best

consultancy and mentorship by leading architects. Its satellite programs are joint acceleration programs with a specific partner for each. The last type of partnership is about investment networks.

Photo courtesy of IBM Alpha Zone


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