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2017 | 7 Hapelach st., Tel Aviv

Sefi Attias, CEO and Co-Founder

Idan Keisar, VP and Co-Founder

Guy Urman, Chairman and Co-Founder

We’re home to some of the best and most promising Israeli Hardware technology startups and ventures.

In a 1000 sq meters space located in downtown Tel Aviv, lies a theme park for physical product builders, tinkers, and creative doers – the largest maker space and hardware co-making space in Israel.

Founded in 2017 by Sefi Attias, Idan Keisar, and Guy Urman, Impact Labs provides unparalleled HumanMachine infrastructure, enabling Hardware R&D expertise in high-end complexes, which include IoT equipment and software, 3D printing, digital manufacturing, and everything in between - all in order to turn ideas into prototypes and then into mass production. The main idea behind all this machinery and tons of equipment is to provide its customers with the tools, experience, and expertise that does not exist anywhere else in Israel.

"We're proud to be home to some of the best and most promising Israeli hardware technology startups and ventures," says co-founder Idan Keisar. "It is inspiring to see so many amazing creations going on, on a daily basis. Especially in Israel, where most people talk about software-centered startups – we help to remove barriers for early-stage entrepreneurs and companies that are developing hardware and tangible products. It's so much fun!"

Besides giving services to many of the hardware R&D ecosystem in Israel, the company also develop their own ideas into commercial startup companies, with clear focus on global positive Impact hardware products. This is also where its strong partnerships come to play. Besides WeWork, which is where Impact Labs is located, their founding partners’ list includes the Reut Group and with Tikkun Olam Makers, a global movement of grassroots communities connecting people with disabilities and the elderly with teams of Makers. Moreover, Impact Labs is a home for MAFAT and defense sector activities, and to STMicroelectronics accelerator.

Photos courtesy of Impact Labs



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