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Tzahi Weisfeld, Vice President Intel Ignite

Ranny Nachmias, Managing Director Intel Ignite

Intel® is a brand that everybody knows, and with about 14,000 employees in Israel and different sites it plays a major role in the Israeli tech ecosystem. As part of its activity in Israel the Intel® Ignite program was established in 2019, and with 49 startups selected for the program and over $500m raised to date it was nominated for the prestigious “Geektime” award for the best program in the country.

At its core Intel® Ignite is a startup growth program targeting early-stage companies that aim to be bold and innovative and are ready to disrupt their industries. The 12-week growth startup program provides a highly customized structure and support system tailored to each startup, empowering entrepreneurs with exclusive access to the industry’s most prominent mentors and technologies. In the Intel® Ignite program,

founders learn how to harness the best resources and tap into cutting-edge technologies while accelerating their business growth.

"We first and foremost believe in powering startups by providing them with all the available resources to teach them how to scale in a healthier manner,” says Tzahi Weisfeld, a seasoned executive and a serial entrepreneur and Vice President of Intel Ignite. “Our program covers many topics from general strategy for sales through product, hiring, and marketing to mental wellbeing for founders.” The program puts a

strong emphasis on mentorship. As Ranny Nachmias, the managing director of Intel Ignite mentions, "We team the startups up with exceptional individuals in their fields, 'movers and shakers' who have a proven track record of outstanding achievements. This is the cornerstone of the Ignite program.”

Photo courtesy of Intel Ignite



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