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2017 | Education, Parental control

Aviad Meshel, Founder and CEO

Hanan Lipskin, Founder and VP Business

Helping parents become better parents

Kids today spend more and more time online playing and communicating with others, while parents have little control and knowledge of their digital activity. On a mission to help parents become better, Keepers is dedicated to protecting children wherever they play in the digital world.

Founded in 2017 by Hanan Lipskin, Keepers has developed proprietary AI and ML technology to monitor, detect, and protect kids from toxic conversations whilst maintaining and protecting their privacy. Their proprietary non-invasive, observational technology is designed to detect cyberbullying in all its forms and uniquely provides early detection of any intentions to cause harm and subsequently inform parents and

protect children.

"When I was 14," says co-founder Hanan Lipskin, "I was a victim of a suicide attack in Jerusalem. As a consequence, I suffered from post-trauma and was bullied at school. When I grew up I gained skills in the cyberworld, and as a software engineer I decided to create a tool to help parents figure out what is happening to their kids, especially on social media, so that they can help and protect them.”

One of Keepers’ "aha" moments occurred when the system detected suicidal thoughts in a child's WhatsApp conversation. "Our technology helped a parent to save their kid's life!" says Hanan. "Is there anything more worthwhile and satisfying than that?"

Keepers have partnered with tier-1 telecom companies including Vodafone, Hutchison, Rakuten, and more. They won the Horizon 2020 EU Commission Award, the Austrian Innovation Grant (FFG), and the Israel Innovation Authority Grant (IIA). Now the company employs 22 people and is developing a B2B engine to reach all the major telecom and insurance companies around the world.

Photos courtesy of Keepers Child Safety



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