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2017 | Vertical Agnostic

Daniel Roditi, Managing Partner

Liron Azrielant, Managing Partner

It takes a rockstar team to be flexible, open to feedback, and willing to question their assumptions, on one hand, and have strong conviction in their path and extremely high resilience on the other hand

Liron Azrielant and Daniel Roditi met in late 2015 when they worked on the investment team of Blumberg Capital. After over a year of working together, they decided to leave and build a fund focusing on early-stage deals. In 2017 they launched Meron Capital I, which was then a single-LP fund.

"We seek early-stage startups with strong founders developing core software technologies in Israel," says Liron, "and frequently meet with founders months or even a year or two before they are ready to fundraise. It's very important to us to establish a relationship with them early on, as we strongly believe that a good fit between us and the founders is key to a potentially successful long-term relationship.”

Born and raised in Switzerland, Daniel is a strong advocate of Israeli technology and VC in Europe, active in the firm's portfolio companies’ board of directors. "Our main investors are from France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and an Israeli fund of funds with ties in Belgium and Luxembourg," says Daniel. "I believe that strong ties and business relationships with the European ecosystem are important on many levels, as well as adding value to our startups.”

With a portfolio of 22 investments, 4 exits, and 2 unicorns so far, Meron Capital is deploying its second fund after a very successful first vintage, investing in companies like Immunai (Unicorn), Genetika+, Mesh Payments, Quantum Machines, Sorbet, and more.

Photos by Nir Slakman



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