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2018 | Vertical Agnostic

Orit Alperovitz, Founder and CEO

Michal Beressi Golomb, COO

Always trust your instincts, and never ignore red flags

With a vision to change the typical angel investor's profile by getting more women actively involved in leading investments and taking investment decisions, NEOME was established 4 years ago and since then runs as an open club, making 3-5 strong investments a year. The club is actually a collaborative community of dozens of businesswomen and investors who are redefining the profile of the traditional financial

investor, all supporting NEOME’s portfolio companies’ growth, opening doors to potential customers, and introducing them to other relevant investors.

NEOME invests in many fields and on different stages - from Pre-Seed to round A, and despite the fact it was established not so long ago, one of their portfolio companies, ‘Donde Search’ was recently acquired by Shopify. Other portfolio companies have successfully raised follow-on rounds with a significant increase in their valuation.

Managing a community is a challenging task, not to say one which is based on tech investments, but as Orit Alperovitz, founder at NEOME, says, "We believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity both between the members in the club and with the founders we invest in. Our environment allows each investor to decide if she wants to participate in DD processes or to lead investments". As for the Due Diligence process, a complex procedure by itself, "it is managed by NEOME’s members, a designated DD team is being appointed and each member decides to invest on her own discretion," continues NEOME's COO, Michal Beressi Golomb. "It’s very important for us to get to know the founders we work with, to learn about their background, business acumen, skills, and to see how open they are to hear different views, and how they collaborate with their co-founders and employees."

Photos courtesy of NEOME - Women Investing Club



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