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2017 | Smart Cities, Transportation, Mobility

Tal Kreisler, Founder and CEO

Uriel Katz, Founder and CTO

Or Sela, Founder and CSO

The world’s first autonomous traffic management platform

It was after midnight, and Uriel Katz was waiting for the red light to change. Despite no oncoming traffic, he waited for the entire cycle to run its course - a scenario familiar to most of us. An engineer at heart he wouldn’t let this one pass and the idea for NoTraffic was born, with a mission to digitize the foundation of transportation - urban intersections, to improve the safety of all road users while maximizing traffic efficiency.

The NoTraffic platform is an end-to-end hardware and software solution installed at intersections, transforming our roadways to support modern demands. As a result of implementing this solution, a plethora of benefits and mobility services are surfacing, bringing order and always-on connectivity to an otherwise not connected unmanaged network. The platform can retrofit any intersection in the world, transforming it into a cloud-connected and fully autonomous in less than 2 hours with 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

"Interestingly but perhaps not too surprisingly," says Uriel Katz, "nowadays AI is a trivial thing in our lives. Yet the way we move is still programmed based on traffic flow estimates for certain times of the day. And we as drivers feel these outcomes on a daily basis, stuck in traffic for so many hours.”

Already selected by cities and traffic agencies in the U.S. such as Phoenix, Tucson, Palo Alto, Texas, Pennsylvania, and others, the NoTraffic platform supports more than a million drivers a day. The company also partners with Internet companies such as AT&T and Qualcomm to bring its autonomous traffic management solution to more cities, expanding to Canada and Western Europe in 2022.

Photos by NoTraffic PR



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