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Arik Kol, Sr. Director, NVIDIA Inception Startup Program, Israel

Liron Freind-Saadon, Head of Developer Relations, Israel and Middle East

NVIDIA is the world’s largest graphics card (GPU) developer, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, as the company ignited the modern AI era with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, self-driving cars, and more. As the engine behind that new era, NVIDIA runs different programs for startups, entrepreneurs, and developers. One of the most prominent of them is NVIDIA Inception, a free-of-charge program to nurture cutting-edge startups that has run in Israel for several years.

"Israel is an important market for NVIDIA,” says Arik Kol, Sr. Director of NVIDIA Inception Program, Israel. “The Inception program is our way of empowering entrepreneurs and startups, providing them with the best technical education and support, and major marketing and business opportunities.”

NVIDIA Inception empowers startups in the fields of AI, data science, and HPC technologies in a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, and more. More than 300 Israeli startups are members of NVIDIA Inception, including AI21, Gong, ImmunAI, Run:AI, and Trigo. Taking part in NVIDIA Inception is a “nobrainer” for eligible startups, as it’s free of charge and provides technology benefits with a dedicated startup portal, awards credits for NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, business and marketing support through the company’s flagship GTC conference, opportunities to connect with investors, and more.

NVIDIA offers plenty of opportunities for Israeli startups, "mainly for two reasons: their ability to execute with a high innovation level which is truly amazing, and their ability to develop solutions for markets outside of Israel,” adds Kol. “We welcome Israeli startups to read more about and apply to NVIDIA Inception Program.”

NVIDIA Inception is just one of many activities that NVIDIA operates in Israel. The company has 2,800 Israeli engineers and developers working in the local R&D center, it collaborates with local academy researchers and has thousands of Israeli developers in the NVIDIA Developer Program.

Photo courtesy of NVIDIA



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