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2010 | Fintech

David Govrin, Founder and COO

David Sosna, Founder and CEO

We strive for excellence and innovation while putting focus on the people behind the platform

What can two experienced and accomplished co-founders do when they encounter a big problem in digital banking? The answer is, as you might have guessed, they build a new company to tackle it.

This is exactly what David Sosna and David Govrin did. With vast experiences at different companies and after working together at Actimize, which was recognized as a global leader in the financial services market and acquired by Nice in 2007, the two decided to explore a gap in customer engagement in digital banking. The year was 2010, and the company they founded is called Personetics.

Serving over 120 million bank customers worldwide through over 70 banks in 30 markets, Personetics is a leading global provider of data-driven personalization and customer engagement solutions for the financial services industry. "The company offers a solution to actualize a world of self-driving finance where banks proactively act on behalf of their customers to better monetize relationship value,” says David Sosna. "We partner with financial institutions to transform customer engagement by applying

automated intelligence to every customer interaction in months instead of years.”

The company's AI-based customer engagement platform enables banks to provide retail, small businesses, and wealth management customers with varying degrees of guidance in managing their finances, from real-time insights for personalized recommendations to automated money management programs.

"What's special about us," says David Govrin, "is that we're a natural choice for banks looking to accelerate their personalization strategy and increase business impact and global outreach, using our cutting-edge technology, product breadth, deep analytics & data assets, and self-development tools for clients.”

Photos by Arik Sultan



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