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2012 | Content creation, Video

Ilya Spitalnik, Founder and CEO

Daniel Zaturansky, Co-Founder

Sven Hoffmann, Co-Founder and CTO

Make it Awesome!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create studio-quality animated videos at a fraction of the cost of studio production? That’s how the idea for Powtoon was born. “We wanted to democratize video creation,” says Ilya Spitalnik, the founder of Powtoon.

Powtoon’s bootstrapping story starts in 2012 and takes them to 35M+ users worldwide. Today Powtoon’s all-in-one visual communication platform empowers individuals, teams, and enterprises to transform complex and scattered information into powerful videos and visual content with a professional look and feel. The solution includes a rich visual library spanning tens of thousands of animations and over a million stock videos, all in a collaborative workspace. This makes the ‘creator economy’ accessible to individuals and enterprises.

"We at Powtoon believe that the greatest skill is the ability to communicate with real impact," says Ilya, "Our mission is to level the playing field by providing tools and solutions that effortlessly turn everyday messages into communications that an audience longs to see and hear. In today’s world, that means bitesized videos of all types."

What started ten years ago as an animated video maker has evolved into a storytelling platform enabling anyone to engage people with presentations, animations, videos, infographics, and more. "People should be able to make awesome videos and visual comms by themselves and not be dependent on external studios," says Daniel Zaturansky, co-founder and Head of Success. "We believe that Powtoon can help everyone elevate their messages to be heard above the noise."

Photos courtesy of Powtoon



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