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2018 | Vertical Agnostic

Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner

Ella Iwler, VP Business Operations

Inbal Perlman, VP Business Development

Jennifer Schwarz, Head of Venture Programs

Tel Aviv University's Venture Capital Fund invests the first capital into early-stage startups and is dedicated to helping them transform their ideas into global businesses

Established in 2018, TAU Ventures cultivates an ecosystem of innovation by combining the resources and global network of Tel Aviv University, strong industry connections, and a supportive home base for founders to connect and grow at the beginning of their journeys.

Since its inception TAU Venture 1 has invested in 18 startups in a variety of fields including fintech, cyber, industry 4.0, digital health, and more, and was selected as the ‘Most active funds in Israel’ (2018), the ‘Top 5 best VCs In Israel’ (2019), and the ‘Top 6 best VCs In Israel’ (2020). Moreover, the fund’s IRR places TAU Ventures among the top 10% compared to U.S. funds of the same size and vintage (according to Cambridge Associates).

TAU Ventures supports its portfolio companies by leveraging its 1000 sq meter office space located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Portfolio companies engage with one another, with in-house mentors, and with the fund’s team on a daily basis, thereby benefiting from the strength of TAU Ventures’ exclusive innovation ecosystem. Nimrod Cohen (Managing Partner) led the first investment rounds both privately and as part

of his previous role at Plus Ventures at Bringg, YOTPO, WSC Sports, Coralogix, Cimagine, HouseParty, and more. "I look for a strong team," he says, "founders who will give me confidence that they know the market better than I and better than anyone else for that matter, with a clear understanding of the journey they are entering."

Alongside its investment activity, TAU Ventures is experienced in operating a variety of incubation programs and sandbox opportunities via corporate and government partnerships both in Israel and globally. Among its partners is the Israeli security agency (Shabak) with whom it operates an open innovation accelerator program for companies developing civilian and commercial technologies.

Photos courtesy of TAU Ventures



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