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2016 | Vertical Agnostic

Hilla Ovil-Brenner, Managing Director

Franka Godina, Investment Associate

The worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed

Techstars began in Boulder, Colorado, back in 2006, and has grown aggressively over the past 15 years, launching programs in many countries. Having 60 accelerators and more than 6000 founders who lead 2,500 companies (20 of them are considered as Unicorns and more than 12% have been acquired), Techstars is a global brand.

Techstars’ Tel Aviv program was launched in 2019 and one of the biggest global networks proven to help entrepreneurs succeed with a goal of providing early-stage funding and guidance to entrepreneurs, teams, and established startups who are considered to be disruptive in their industries. Beyond the actual mentors who provide startups with value by helping them refine their offerings and make their organizations better, joining Techstars connects startups to its global family. The connections that

participants make with other entrepreneurs, leading industry experts, investors, and partners from all over the world will help set the foundations for future success of their ventures.

Hilla Ovil Brenner, Managing Director at Techstars Tel Aviv, knows a thing or two about growing a venture with over 20 years in the industry as a seasoned entrepreneur (who took a company to an IPO) and as an investor. “My passion is in helping entrepreneurs at all stages connect the dots,” says Hilla. “We focus less on the exact industry specifics and more on the quality of the solution and team dynamics which the ventures bring to the table. We usually like to be the first money in and/or invest alongside friends and


With Franka Godina as an investment associate, the TLV program has already launched 6 programs (including 4 classes in collaboration with Barclays Bank) and backed approximately 70 early-stage startups with a combined market cap of $287.5M.

Photo by Hana Taieb



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