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Mira Hershkovitz, Head of the Entrepreneurship Center

Prof Eli Gimmon, Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Center

Ph.D Sharon soroker, Lecturer at the Entrepreneurship Program

Maria Glushko, Entrepreneurship and Employment Coordinator

Way north in the beautiful Upper Galilee region of Israel operates the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the Tel Hai Academic College.

With a mission to increase entrepreneurial activity in the periphery and contribute to the region’s welfare and prosperity the hub provides students, graduates, faculty members, and entrepreneurs from the local community with education, practices, and tools which are the most important on the global entrepreneurship scene.

The center offers a variety of activities such as events, conferences, competitions, hackathons, and collaborations with industrial companies, hospitals, and other academic institutions from Israel and around the world. In addition the center has a pre-acceleration program that enables applicants with technological ventures to apply for grants of up to 50K ILS and provides professional mentoring. In entrepreneurship studies, the program offers a unique approach to multidisciplinary brainstorming, enabling heterogeneous groups of students to creatively work on turning their ideas into products and ventures.

"Some exciting and heartwarming initiatives were born here,” says Mira Hershkovitz, head of the Entrepreneurship Center. “For instance, a student and a researcher teamed up to develop a dietary supplement based on a compound of plants growing in the Galilee region to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s from which the student's grandmother suffers. Another example is a growing local community of entrepreneurs managed by the center's alumni which does wonders on the regional level."

“The strengths of the college in the fields of FoodTech, Biotech, and Agrotech along with rare ecological diversity allow students the opportunity to tackle global problems,” continues Prof. Eli Gimmon, chairman of the Entrepreneurship Center. “We believe that behind all the human achievements that will be achieved in the future stands one phenomenon: the amazing ability of exceptional individuals teaming up to break the familiar fixed and anesthetizing comfort zone and go on brave groundbreaking journeys of discovery.”

Photos courtesy of Tel-Hai Academic College



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