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2017 | 6 Hagalil st., Tel Aviv

Dorit Deddi, Director

The platform is sanity in a crazy place

Tel Aviv is known as a leading global city with a vibrant tech ecosystem. Like other major metropolises, it has a variety of neighborhoods, each somehow different from the other. In the south of the city a highly heterogeneous, low socioeconomic, and the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of all is Neve Shanan home to elder residents, labor immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, artists, and other new communities who look for affordable housing.

In the heart of Neve Shaanan lies The Platform. A Social-Urban Entrepreneurship hub, offering a coworking space, technological training and workshops and accelerator programs for local entrepreneurs who make an impact. Moreover, The platform harnesses Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem to disrupt the way cities are solving core social urban issues like those of Neve Shanan.

The hub is managed by Dorit Deddi, an experienced tech entrepreneur. "The majority of Startups here are led by social and tech entrepreneurs that try to tackle social challenges and enable the implementation of innovative solutions within municipal projects," says Dorit. "The challenges are common to other big cities in the world, so at the same time the platform aims to be a global center for startups that make a positive impact on society."

The Platform acceleration program gives an opportunity to local entrepreneurs who never thought their dream and vision could come true, providing them with mentoring and tools to understand customer needs, business potential, planning, and implementation. On top of that, the place serves as home for many other interesting activities and initiatives, such as a coding course for Asylum seekers, and events like meetups for different social organizations.

“This place is in the perfect location to create opportunities and innovation for the Social Periphery,” summarizes Dorit.

Photos courtesy of The Platform



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