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2015 | Textile

Alon Moshe, Founder and CEO

Erez Moshe, Founder

Digital and waterless thread and yarn dyeing technology

Born and raised in Kenya, Erez and Alon Moshe are twins and founders of Twine Solutions, which represents the unique Israeli synergy of innovation, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. Both share this entrepreneurial spirit with decades of experience in the print and software industries and a strong passion for creativity, color, and environmental issues. Their eureka moment eventually led to starting Twine.

When Erez saw a multicolored embroidery on his bath towel, he was struck by the thought: ‘If only there was some type of digital coloring technology, the embroiderer could simply stock white thread and produce all the color he/she would need’. He and Alon proceeded to test the idea using generic inks and a crude thread-driving mechanism and got some great feedback from their…mom, a highly experienced

seamstress. Another piece fell into place when Alon researched the textile market to discover a great opportunity as the fashion industry was in desperate need of sustainable solutions for its supply chains. "This realization provided a huge incentive to develop an eco-friendly technology to address some of these issues, and Twine was born." says Alon.

The company has developed a waterless digital technology for thread and yarn dyeing that enables brands and manufacturers to produce the exact amounts they need without overproduction, deliver samples within hours instead of days without managing an inventory and without waste. It also enables new capabilities which are impossible in the current analog technology such as gradients.

Last but not least, Twine's technology is sustainable, as the process saves tons of liters of water, eliminates 40%-70% of produced waste, and reduces transportation. With almost a hundred mission-driven employees Twine's mission is to lead the digital transformation of the thread and yarn dyeing industry for better performance, a more efficient supply chain, increased creativity, and greater sustainability.

Photos by Ofir Abe


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