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2000 | Vertical Agnostic

Daniel Cohen, General Partner, Viola Ventures

Zvika Orron, General Partner, Viola Ventures

Omy Ben David, General Partner, Viola Ventures

Avi Zeev, Co-Founder Viola, General Partner, Viola Ventures

Shlomo Dovrat, Co-Founder Viola, General Partner, Viola Ventures

Harel Beit On, Co-Founder Viola, General Partner, Viola Growth

Eran Westman, General Partner, Viola Growth

Natalie Refuah, General Partner, Viola Growth

Rafi Carmeli, General Partner, Viola Growth

Ayal Shiran, General Partner, Viola Growth

Tomer Michaeli, General Partner, Viola Fintech

Ruti Simha Furman, General Partner, Viola Credit

Ido Vigdor, General Partner, Viola Credit

Dani Tsiddon, General Partner , Viola Fintech

Partnering for Excellence

The story of Viola is the story of the Israeli tech in many ways. Viola was founded in 2000, committing to the idea that global category leaders can grow out of Israel. In 2000 the local tech ecosystem was relatively small and young, but as Israel grew from startup to scale up to unicorn nation, Viola grew as well, expanding from early-stage venture capital to a comprehensive investment platform that provides the funding needed for a growing ecosystem including growth, credit, and global fintech funds.

"20 years after establishment we are witnessing our vision for Israeli tech become a reality,” says Danny Cohen, General Partner at Viola Ventures. “We believe Israel is transforming from a ‘startup nation’ into a ‘land of decacorns’ and that it is fully equipped to lead in this global era of digital transformation.”

With over 100 active companies in its portfolio Viola was an early investor in some of Israel's biggest success stories, taking them all the way from first check to IPO, among them ironSource, Payoneer, and Pagaya.

The group supports its portfolio companies with a broad set of resources valuable for scaling in today’s competitive markets and has recently announced a dedicated operation focused on executive search and management building. Viola invested in over 200 companies to date of which 12 grew into unicorns such as immunai, Bringg, Lightricks, Redis and Verbit.

Photos by Viola and Yoni Reif



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