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2010 | 6,600 Members

Hilla Ovil-Brenner, Founder

Yazamiyot ("female founders" in Hebrew) is the biggest and most prominent community for female entrepreneurs in Israel. The community was established in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Hilla Ovil-Brenner with the clear purpose of increasing the number of female entrepreneurs in the tech and biotech industries.

Back in 2010 when the community was founded Hilla was always the only woman in the room. “I wasn't willing to accept a reality in which women account for less than 5% of Israeli entrepreneurs, so I decided to do something about it,” she says. "Yazamiyot came to life in my backyard, and over the course of a decade the community grew to become Israel’s most influential community for female entrepreneurs.”

Since its inception, the community welcomes female tech entrepreneurs from all verticals and stages from dreamers who want to get inspired to accomplished entrepreneurs, and the Yazamiyot team actively works to achieve the community’s goals, encouraging and supporting their members by giving them access to knowledge and professional tools and by partnering with key players in the ecosystem to create unique opportunities for the community.

Yazamiyot has many activities going on, touching different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. Among them are an exclusive office hours program which includes free one-to-one mentoring sessions with top experts, 'Yazamiyot on Campus' - a joint course with the TAU Entrepreneurship Center, 'AIm High' - a unique joint program with AWS for female founders with AI startups, 'She Loves Tech' - the world’s largest competition for women and technology, 'ForceUp' - a speed dating event with Salesforce that matches entrepreneurs with top Salesforce mentors and that matches female founders who are looking for cofounders, and more.

Photo by Yossi Zwecker



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