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We believe in the values of mutual respect and cooperation, and in the power of creativity and technology in creating a better reality

Welcome to Spark Hackathon III
An entrepreneurial event for improving the lives of Holocaust survivors, education and commemoration

March 16th-17th, 2023

A shout out to our partners

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Previous hackathons

"The most emotional event I have ever participated in" is the sentence that has been repeated again and again in previous hackathons, in which sparks were ignited, and dozens of entrepreneurs, mentors, participants, and sponsors who took part in them would attest to it. There was something special at those hackathons, something that drove our Holocaust survivors guests to tell us "You can’t imagine what you've done here for us."

This year we invite you to join us for a third hackathon, to do something different and be a partner to an event that creates a true impact on this important subject and touches the hearts of us all.

Event goals


Being part of a nation-wide impact
We are here, we do not forget, and we do our part in a practical and valuable way.


Creating products, services, activities, campaigns, and any project that aims to address a broad range of challenges in education, commemoration, and improving the quality of life for Holocaust survivors.

The team behind the project


Alon Rapaport 

Technologist, product expert, and serial entrepreneur, with over 18 years of experience in tech and product development in large organizations and startups. Alon is a strategic consultant working with companies at various stages, and he is also a lecturer and a mentor in academic tracks, entrepreneurship events, and various tech programs in Israel and around the world.

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Miri Berger 

Connects people and creates business opportunities. With over 20 years in the tech industry at global companies - corporates, accelerators, start-ups, and special projects. She mentors start-ups, works to empower women in tech, and lectures to delegations from South America about the Israeli ecosystem.

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Doron Simhi

Loves innovation and entrepreneurship, helps entrepreneurs in building business models and fundraising strategies, teaches entrepreneurship in academic institutions in Israel, mentors and judges in startup competitions, and on the advisory board of several startups.

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Natan Liebzon

Entrepreneur and product manager with over ten years of experience in the tech industry. He was a co-founder of the successful tech podcast "Hi-tech bapkakim" and manages a number of entrepreneurship communities, including Start-up Stadium. In addition, Natan has founded 2 start-ups and established an entrepreneurship club at Bar-Ilan University.

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Erez Gavish

'Guerrilla Entrepreneur' with 15 years of experience in the Israeli tech and entrepreneurship world, during which he created dozens of projects, startups, hackathons, digital products, professional services, events, and also four books. In addition, Erez teaches at the academy and at various entrepreneurship programs in Israel and around the world.

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Talia Savchenko 

Talia comes from the design and marketing world, and has experience in branding, strategic thinking, and creating marketing and communication plans. In addition, she is an experienced lecturer and mentor in various design and marketing programs.

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Anat Greemland

Lawyer, entrepreneur, and leader of change and innovation in the world of content, who connects the tech industry and society. Anat has led the establishment of start-ups and various social ventures and has a wide range of business experience in managing strategy and process management. Anat has extensive experience in fostering, managing, and promoting partnerships and organizational relationships.

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