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2014 | 32 locations in 17 cities across the world

Dan Zakai, Co-Founder and CEO

Yotam Alroy, Co-Founder and Chief of Business Development

Our boutique approach is inspired by the hospitality industry, from each space curated with local and international art to our Community Managers offering a personalized, best-in-class service

Ever since its foundation in 2014, Mindspace has been a key player in the Israeli ecosystem as one of the leading hubs for large enterprises, SMBs, startups and creators.

Each Mindspace location design creates a boutique, yet cozy atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation. Historic buildings get a makeover with the right combination of colors, unique installations, original artwork, and special furniture pieces. Mindspace can always be spotted in prime locations, mostly in the city center, and in late 2021 the company opened its first location just outside of Tel Aviv, in Yakum - a great option for employees wanting to work closer to home.

Mindspace offers a variety of office solutions from private offices to team suites, shared desks, meeting rooms, and event spaces. Mindspace members benefit from 24/7 access, they can work from any of the locations worldwide and enjoy yoga and pilates classes, professional seminars and workshops, weekly happy hours, along with comfortable lounges and fully equipped kitchens that accommodate networking effortlessly. Another perk is the arrangements Mindspace makes for chef-cooked meals, hairdressers, and mani-pedi treatments on-site. The offices are pet friendly, so it’s not unusual to spot fellow members with their four-(or less)-legged best friends.

With 32 Mindspace locations in 17 cities in seven countries (and counting), the company is home to over 15,000 members worldwide: from large enterprises such as Microsoft, Samsung, Playtika, Taboola, Barclays Bank, and more, to SMBs and freelancers - the member base is made up of about 41% large enterprises and 38% small and medium businesses. Mindspace offers the ideal solution for employers and employees searching for more flexibility. The company is guided by the belief that when people are excited to come to work, businesses thrive.

Photos: Wouter van der Wolk, Daniel Jackson



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